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SMART STRUCTURE - Cash Flow Waterfalls

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Incrypture is a team of mathematicians, computer scientists, software developers and investors who have collaborated over many years. We are enthralled by the wild possibilities of cryptocurrencies and excited to support the Cardano blockchain. Over the last 30 years, we have wrestled math problems, developed trading systems in traditional assets and cryptocurrencies and applied data science to pattern analysis, machine intelligence, meteorology and investment management.

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Bridge Construction


Legacy structured finance has created amazing technology to slice and dice assets into more palatable pieces and has thus expanded capital formation by orders of magnitude. However, intermediaries capture a significant amount of the ensuing value rather than borrowers and lenders. It is time to port the cash flow waterfall engine to a blockchain as the trusted intermediary. This will enable benefits to expand to the on-chain world as well as provide cost savings for legacy asset securitizations. The monopolistic rent-seeking intermediaries will be replaced by smart contracts that spread the wealth back to the end borrowers and lenders instead of trapping it in the middle.

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