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Seasoned Professionals




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Adil invented the Bias Ratio, a patented metric that uses geometry to detect fraud. He entered the crypto jungle in 2015, backing the MIT Digital Currency Initiative. He was an early investor in crypto hedge funds, after a background in trading fixed income derivatives on Wall Street. He has an M.A. in Pure Mathematics from MIT and a B.A. in Mathematics from U Penn. Adil spends his spare time racing cars.




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Sean Kim built front, middle and back office systems for FX, equity options, precious metals, and fixed income derivatives. He built critical software infrastructure to trade billions of derivative arbitrage portfolios. He has an M.S. in computer science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Sean spends his spare time cooking and painting.



Computer Science Advisor

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Michael Grossberg specializes in machine learning applied to computer vision, graphics, data compression, and meteorology and investment management. He has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from MIT, and is currently faculty at City University of New York. He held previous positions at the Max Planck Institute and Columbia University. Michael spends his spare time trying to live forever.



Software Business Advisor

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Andy Chasen founded, ran and subsequently sold a technology company focused on MBS and ABS cashflow waterfalls. He has started a new similar business focused on FNMA/FHLMC CRT loans and is an advisor to Incrypture for developing a structuring language on a public blockchain.  He has a B.A. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Brown. Andy spends his spare time running on trails.


The team's friendships began in the last century. Adil and Michael met in 1982 as freshmen at University of Pennsylvania in a biology class. Subsequently, they shared an office at MIT pursuing their math Ph.Ds. Michael is providing expert guidance to all of Incrypture's machine learning and data software development. Sean developed the derivative trading system used by Adil to run the off-balance sheet swaps at several Wall St. firms starting in 1995. These systems were robust with billions managed with them. Andy's securitization software was used by several of the firms at which Adil traded mortgage backed securities in the 1990s. Andy's current software business providing cash flow waterfalls is the seed of Incrypture's efforts in this area. 


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